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PHiP Sponsored Membership Drive!

Announcing The PHiP Sponsored Membership Drive.  Win Your Club A Free Party Courtesy Of PHiP We understand that this year we have not had many chances to gather and meet up with our club friends, as well as get new members from doing the things that we do around our hometowns.  That being said, PHiP, The Official Jimmy Buffett Fan Club, wants to help your clubs membership by sponsoring this great promotion for your club!  This is a great way to get some new members while promoting what we do best - Party with a Purpose.  We all know that new members bring some new excitement into your club with new ideas, more people to participate in your events, and most importantly more friendships.    Why promote this great contest to your club members?  Why participate in this fun and friendly event?  Because PHiP is going to throw the winning club a new member celebration/appreciation party.   We will hire one of your local musicians along with a gift certificate from your chosen venue to cover food costs.  Depending on your club size this party could be up to $1000 in value!  All clubs have five months to recruit new members.  We understand that clubs have all different sizes so this is not who can get the most members, but a percentage of new membership increase based on your clubs' numbers that were reported in the annual renewals for year ending 2019.   What tools can you use to help your clubs get these new members?   *First and foremost let your members know that PHiP wants to throw them a party!  Get them involved by getting this information out to them.  Have an internal contest with your members to get new members. *We have a new incentives page that will soon be launched on the PHiP website that will be exclusive to our Parrot Head Club members only.   *You can set up tables at events around your neighborhood that are Jimmy Buffett Themed or start your own. *Put together a social night for your members (beer tasting, bowling night, baseball game, etc) and encourage your members to bring a friend of family members.  This is a great way to have your guests see what our clubs are all about.  

*Keeping in mind that some places may not have the ability to meet in large groups right away, how about setting up a zoom meeting and have your members invite others to your "happy hour."  Tell the non-members about all the fun and charitable things you do throughout the year.   *Clubs must Send the updated membership roster after the contest is over along with the new member applications to the membership director.  The prize will be arranged for the 2021 year so the report turned in for the 2020 year end must have those names of the new members on them that were turned in after the contest ended.   The contest starts May 1st and will go through Oct 1, 2020. The winning club will be announced  at MOTM at various times during the event.    Good luck and have fun, The Parrot Heads in Paradise (PHiP) Board Of Directors

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