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Song Debut - "I'm Amazed" by Rudy Bruggeman

On August 29, 2020, Rudy Bruggeman debuted a new song and video about Parrot Heads. Rudy was immersed in the Parrot Head world when he met Mark Mulligan on an airplane. Really, not kidding, they met on a flight, started to talk about music, and a wonderful friendship was created. Rudy and his wonderful wife, Beth, began to host house concerts with Mark and friends such as Kelly McGuire and Thom Shepherd.

Rudy has joined Mark a few years ago at Parrot Grande as a guess musician during Mark's set. In 2019, Rudy had his own set poolside and still played with Mark and the other musicians. When 2020 Parrot Grande went virtual, Rudy joined Mark in San Carlos (oh, the sacrifices our musicians do) for their sets. Rudy contacted our Parrot Grande Chair and asked for photos to create a video for a new song he wrote about Parrot Heads called "I'm Amazed." Here is the video for your viewing and listening pleasure.

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